Arca Space Hoverboard

ssince controversial ‘hoverboards,’ first graced the markets, the misnomer of the design has made for an ironic distinction —they don’t actually hover.Now, Arca Space Corporation in New Mexico has developed an electronic flying vehicle that can hover over any terrain, including water. The design can hold up to 243 lbs and flies a foot above the ground – at a price

The ArcaBoard’s creators are calling it the first revolutionary breakthrough in motion since the bicycle, automobile, and airplane, and say it will allow every person to fly whenever they want.That is, if you have $20,000 to buy one The ArcaBoard is equipped with 272 horsepower and 203,000 watts of installed power.

Its maximum endurance is just six minutes, though, so you’d better plan for a short trip.The rectangular flying machine is the lightest personal vehicle ever created, according to Arca, and can move in every direction, including upward.

It is made from composite materials, and weighs 180 lbs.To achieve flight, the design features 36 high power electric ducted fans, which can reach a maximum thrust of 430 lbs.By using 36 power fans we ensure that even in the case of multiple motor failures there are enough motors remaining to take over so you keep on riding,’ the website says.

And, a stabilization system built into the ArcaBoard can be controlled by smartphone to ensure a safe ride.
The hovercraft can also be steered by its rider’s body.

Inside of the board, 90 percent of the space is occupied by the fans, along with controllers and batteries.These components create heat, which is then dissipated through a high performance coding system.ArcaBoard represents a revolution in motion,’ said Dumitru Popescu, CEO of ARCA Space Corporation.For the last 17 years we have developed aerospace technologies that looked to the sky. We took our knowledge and applied it to everyone’s dreams. Dreams of flying.’

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