Starship Delivery Robot

Starship Technologies is leading the revolution in local delivery. By introducing smart, friendly robots that travel the sidewalks, Starship is aiming to ultimately make the local delivery of goods free.

For the delivery of goods we’re doing what broadband did for the delivery of content. We call it the Broadband of Things.

Starship robots are revolutionary devices that can carry parcels or grocery bags within a 3 mile (5km) radius. Starship’s technology and approach allows us to lower the cost of local delivery by a factor of 5-10x.

Parcels and groceries are stored in Starship’s hubs and delivered when the clients request a delivery via the mobile app. It takes 5-30 minutes for the shipment to arrive, and the journey of the robot can be monitored on the shoppers smartphone device.

Starship’s robots can drive intelligently on the sidewalks at pedestrian speeds. They know their location and can navigate their way through an area with perfect precision all whilst seamlessly merging with pedestrian traffic. The robots can detect obstacles, adjust speed or stop and safely cross the streets.

Additionally, Starship’s robots are monitored by human operators who can, at any time, take control over the device and view the world through the robot’s eyes, communicating with people around it if necessary.

Starship’s robots run at pedestrian speed and weigh no more than 40 pounds fully loaded. They are inherently safe, navigate around objects and people, and do not cause inconvenience.

For security, the cargo bay is locked throughout the delivery and can be opened only by the recipient via the mobile phone. The location of the robots are tracked throughout the journey.

Starship’s robots have practically zero environmental footprint. They run on batteries and consume less energy than most light bulbs.

Starship’s platform replaces door-to-door deliveries currently done by large delivery vehicles. Instead, the delivery vans can drop their parcels in bulk at Starship hubs, resulting in massive efficiency gain. It also helps to replace around one third of trips and saves an hour per day per household normally spent on personal shopping trips on average.


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