Electric Motor Technology Research Center
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Mission Statement

The Electric Motor Technology Research Center (EMTRC) was established in 1999 to develop motor-related technologies and support the automation industry in Taiwan.
The EMTRC aims to:
Provide efficient mechanism for the smooth transfer of motor related technologies from academia to industry.

  • Assist local or global companies in building their own expertise
  • Develop technical collaborations with industry and other research institutes in Taiwan
  • Strengthen the relationships with other international organizations.


A free e-Learning website was set up in 2002 to provide engineers with easy access to motor technology information. Aimed to promote collaboration and information exchange between industry, research institutes, and academic organizations, more than 10,000 users have registered since its establishment. A weekly periodical “Motor Express” is also published (ISSN: 1990-4266) providing technical articles and current information about cutting-edge technologies.

A collaboration with China Steel Corporation, a world leader in steel manufacturing based in Taiwan was established in 2008 to further expand the CSC's research capacity and enhance development of industry automation in Taiwan. Further collaborations followed, with continual support from the CSC up to present day.

Collaborations with other companies are been ongoing, with several industry organizations in Taiwan, such as Delta Electronics, Giant, KYMCO, Gogoro, etc. The EMTRC is continually expanding its scope of operations, and in recent years an Industrial Master’s Program has been established in cooperation with the EMTRC.