The World’s First Genuine, Intuitively-controlled Skateboard

JCR: The Future of Skateboarding is Here! The world’s first genuine, intuitively-controlled electric skateboard.


The JCR is a one-of-a-kind electric skateboard that offers the easiest and safest way to ride. Our team of designers and developers have created a unique, intuitively-controlled board that makes skateboarding fun without the anxiety of falling off. Anyone can use it! The JCR Board doesn’t require a remote or footpad. All it takes is two feet and the power of your own mind.

We always wanted to cruise the streets on a skateboard – hats turned back, leaning, relaxed, with eyes open to the world sliding by. There was nothing cooler in our minds. But, there was always the dangers involved in skateboarding – falling off, injury, not being able to balance… So, we applied our expertise in robot technology and decided to make our dreams come true. We envisioned a skateboard that combined all of the features of riding, but eliminated the negative aspects. With this, we present the JCR Board! A genuine, intuitively-controlled electric skateboard.

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